Before set up

Why set up HNT hotspot?

The Helium is the peer-to-peer wireless network that provides a secure and cost-effective way for low-power Internet of Things devices to send data to and from the Internet. Using Hotspots and other IoT device data transmitters, network developers can prove their contributions to the network through Proof of Coverage Challenges to get rewarded with HNT tokens. HNT creates Data Credits, which are used to pay for information and token transfer fees. The blockchain and token Helium developed a new cryptographic consensus mechanism for the network to provide incentives for the network to expand and maintain behavior. Helium provides utility services for extending the network to specific geographic areas, which are verified through Helium’s Proof of Coverage rules. In the end, gateways will grant tokens, rewarding them for their efforts to contribute verified to the underlying network.

Why will uGW800 be the first and final HNT hotspot for you?

uGW800 has features of advanced technology, built-in IP65 waterproof casing, stable signal reception, extremely low power consumption, and reasonable price. It supports 4G/5G and remote control in the future through a built-in expansion module (mini PCIe). It is possible to upgrade the functions of all equipment by purchasing components.


  • The uGW800 gateway is designed according to the IP65 standard, but the device cannot be immersed in water
  • The installation process must be safe and careful, especially when installing outdoors, pay attention to the installation wall to be strong enough to prevent collision and fall
  • Try to place it close to a window or balcony, preferably outdoors. The host can receive GPS signals, and the sub-GHz antenna has a wide coverage.

Installation Guide


  • Put the gateway on the table.
  • Connect the antenna or antenna extension cable to the gateway, and place the antenna as close to the window as possible.
  • Requires an Ethernet cable.
  • Connect to 12V-DC power supply or USB Type-C cable.

Wall Mounted (Outdoor):

  • Follow the guide to firmly fix the gateway and FRP antenna together
  • Power the gateway via 12V-DC or PoE over Ethernet (using a PoE converter)

Unboxing confirmation

Once unboxing, you can find your uGW800, your GPS antenna, LoRa antenna, 12V-DC power adapter and SIM card pin. Once you have unboxed and find out you have lost components or the rubber covers for your uGW800 Network port, Power port or slot port is damaged. Please take the ticket first and contact after-sale members for help.

Hardware Install

Open your box, take out uGW800, Power adaptor and antenna.

Connect your antenna to specific RP-SMA port.

Connect your internet cable.

Connect 12V power adapter or use USB TYPE C to power up your miner, wait the indicator light changed from red to yellow then finally green.


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