App Instructions

Step1: Download UG APP from Apple or Google Play store. On the App, register your own Helium Wallet ID.

Step2: Then open up the App, tap “Add Hotspot” to follow the instruction of Placing your Hotspot.


Step3: Plug power adapter into a wall socket, and connect LoRa antenna to uGW800 port tightly.


Step4: Press Bluetooth button via a PIN for 5second to active indicator light. uGW800 come online when lights up into blue.


Step5: To add a hotspot, tap “Scan for my Hotspot” to start scanning. Select the correct hotspot, then App begin to connect to the hotspot.


Step6: Select suitable WIFI and enter password to access the network. Click “Use Ethernet Instead” for Ethernet users.


Step7: Follow the instruction to set hotspot location and submit antenna or height details.


Step8: Click “Register Hotspot” to pair hotspot to the Helium Network. It takes around 15minutes to complete the setup process.


If you need any help, feel free to contact our staff.

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