App Instructions

Step1: Download uG APP from Apple or Google Play store(click below icon to download). On the App, register your own Helium Wallet ID

Click to download

Download Helium Wallet from App Store or Google Play

Download two App, then first go to Helium Wallet and make sure you have your personal wallet. If not, please follow the instructions from Helium Wallet to have your own wallet.

Step2: Open uG App, Select “Login with Helium Wallet APP”. Once connected, will jump into the front page of uG APP.

Step3: Use SIM Card Pin to the configuration button, press and hold for seconds, you can see the configuration light changed into blue, which means your miner is in Bluetooth mode.

Step4: Select “Add Hotspot”, and read the tips of placing your hotspot. Click “Scan for my hotspot” and start scanning. Click the corresponding icon, select the appropriate hotspot to connect.

Step5: Select suitable WIFI and enter password to access the network. Click “Use Ethernet Instead” for Ethernet users.

Step6: Follow the instruction to set hotspot location and submit antenna or height details. Please fill in the correct information according to the actual situation.

Step7: Click “Register Hotspot” to pair hotspot to the Helium Network. It takes around 15 minutes to complete the setup process.  After 15 minutes, please reflash your front page, the front page will display the ID and location of your online miner. At the same time, please go to and check whether the ID names of the deployed uGW800 appears in the deployment area. If there are no problems with two aspects listed above, the entire deployment and setup process is completed.


If you need any help, check our FAQ or feel free to contact our staff.

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