Indicator Status Description


Indicator Status

Red light blinking

When the device is powered on or upgraded when light turns red, it would turn yellow when upgrade is completed, and turns green when connected to the network (chain). If light does not change for a long time (more than 1 hour), device is faulty.

Yellow light blinking

The device hardware is working normally, but doesn’t connect to Network(chain)

Green light blinking

System operates normally

Blue light blinking

System is booting

Power Off


Judging whether the device is working properly according to the different colors of indicator light display:

– The yellow light indicates that the hardware of the device is working normally, but it has not been connected to the Network. If it displayed for more than 10 minutes, check if the network and router settings are correct.

– Red light, the device will display a red light when power on and do a self- check of hardware automatically. If the red light is displayed for a long time (more than 1 hour), it can be judged that the device is faulty. It is recommended to plug in the power again after 5 minutes of power off. The time shows a red light, you can contact after-sales and technical support.

– It is normal for the device to generate heat during mining, and it is not recommended to use the device in extreme environments.

Contact customer service

Please provide your order details and order number, describe the phenomenon shown by the mine running problem, preferably with photos and videos, submit a work order, and contact the after-sales staff.

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